Improve business outcomes by helping your staff work more effectively, productively, and safely.

Canadian employees bring a lot to work with them:

  • 39% deal with a physical challenge (StatsCan)
  • 20% have, or will deal with a mental illness (CMHA)
  • 18% have a sleep-related disorder (Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • 43% deal with financial challenges (BNN Bloomberg)

We provide employee assistance solutions across four critical dimensions of wellness: physical, mental/emotional, sleep, and financial.

Delivered via multiple modalities, our services support the specific goals of your company, and provide direct and tangible benefits for C-leaders, Program Administrators, Employees, Brokers, Affiliates & Introducers, and Partners.

The Business Case for Employee Wellness

the business case for employee wellness programsLike any expense, there’s an ROI imperative to employee wellness.

The challenge is that it can sometimes be difficult to calculate.

Because an effective employee wellness plan supports the direct and verifiable (ie not assumed) needs of employees, it is reasonable that productivity of the company will be positively affected.


The Wellness Culture Survey

Even before a business case is developed, an understanding of the wellness culture survey“why employee wellness?” is important information.

To develop a compelling business case for your business, it is best practice to understand the current needs, mindset, and work-life culture that exists around wellness – would the workplace even support such a program?


‘What services should we provide?’

how to customize an eapAn aggregate Health Risk Assessment (HRA) of your workforce, combined with the intel provided by a Wellness Culture Survey will get you headed in the right direction.

This survey should ideally be administered to a significant segment of your workforce, to develop a profile of the actual needs of your workplace – which are very often unknown and lurking beneath the surface.

The survey is ideally conducted electronically, by an outside vendor, who can assure confidentiality.

Here’s a sample

The ROI of Counselling

counselling roi

Would providing counselling support to your associates pay-off?

While it isn’t inexpensive, neither is ‘living with it’, and tolerating the status quo, because productivity suffers – in the form of lower sales, poorer-quality decisions, higher absenteeism, and lower enagement rates.


Phasing-in a Sleep Wellness Program

sleep wellness programIf you’re interested in phasing-in a sleep-wellness program, you may wish to have a sense of where to start first.

This worksheet presents a weighted risk profile by job category and gender, to help you identify the categories of employees at greatest risk of a workplace accident caused by a lack of sleep.


A Framework to Benchmark Progress with an Employee Wellness Program

A framework to benchmark progress with an EAPBecause programs vary from company to company, direct benchmarking can sometimes be difficult.

The worksheet below provides an indication of the scope and potential of how a well-designed employee wellness program can impact a company.