Continued – How Efficient is Your EAP?

how effective is your EAP?As belts tighten everywhere, its prudent to assess the efficiency of your Employee Assistance Plan from time to time.

If you’re looking for a detailed framework to assess how effective your EAP has delivered on its objectives, click here.

Most Employee Assistance Plans ‘sit there and wait’ – providing service to those employees seeking a specific solution, or help with a specific problem.  While they are available year round, they spring into action only when the employee triggers a request for assistance.

…and that’s what costs you.

This tool helps you get a grip on the actual cost of having a passive EAP:

To reduce the inefficiency, there are two options: 1. increase awareness of the program or 2. increase utilization of the program.

Colleague Health provides a ‘forward leaning’ level of assistance – your plan takes an active role in educating your staff on issues relevant to their physical, emotional, sleep, and financial health and fitness.

Through a constant drip of interactive emails and/or texts (from the employee-only High5 Magazine), your staff become aware and empowered with the knowledge they need, as they connect with the support provider they seek to address their specific problem.

100% awareness. 100% utilization.

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