Couples and Family Counselling

A sound, supportive family life and strong marriage are fundamental to reducing stress and presenting your best self to work, to your family, and to your spouse.

While family and marriage life can be wonderfully supportive, it can also be tumultuous, strenuous, and stressful.

If you find that you’re dealing with home-sourced stresses, consider family and marriage counselling to help you understand what’s going on, and to build a plan to take control of the situation.

Services are confidential – and conducted by highly trained, experienced, and licensed counsellors.

  • You’ll get an objective listener, with the critical skills needed to help you and you spouse to regain control
  • No judgements
  • No disclosures

Couples Come to Marriage Counselling for a Variety of Reasons

  • Let’s face it – disagreements happen in every relationship. Communication breakdowns don’t. If communication has broken down, it can trigger conflict, and behaviours that stress the relationship and family.
  • Our counsellors are qualified and experienced to help you address issues related to intimacy, communication, financial difficulties, consideration of separation, and really any issue that you feel is affecting your marriage or family.

What you can expect

  • Our counsellors aim to equip you, your partner, and your family with the communication tools and resources you’ll need to face challenges in the future – stronger, together.

Because of the diversity in family life, there’s no clear sign that it’s time for counselling. Some people come in after minor disputes, while others endure years of arguments before seeking help. However, constant or recurring feelings of sadness, anger or stress indicate a larger issue that would benefit from professional help.

Therapy can teach you more about communication and conflict resolution, so you can cope with difficult issues and find suitable repairs and compromises. We’ll also help you learn how to handle tough feelings and maintain control during emotionally stressful situations. Through persistent work, you can find tools that offer

Services can be provided via telephone or online.

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