Program Benefits

For C-Level Leaders:

  • A customized, low-overhead, professionally managed wellness program that focuses your team on living healthier – the company benefits from reduced absenteeism, turnover, grievances, and increased performance across relevant KPI’s
  • Services and promotional content are aligned, confidential, and offered directly to your associates – while you are kept in the loop regarding key performance indicators

For Program Administrators:

  • Easy to plan – from preparing a powerful business case, to modeling health risks/selecting services, to benchmarking progress, we make ease-of-planning a priority
  • Easy to manage – the interactive project manager assures that your employee wellness program is consistently focused toward the achievement of its most critical KPI’s.  Change direction on the fly. Add, stop, reschedule programs or services with ease.

For Employees:

  • Build awareness – via self diagnostics, High 5 curated educational content, your employees build the knowledge to thrive across four dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, sleep, and financial.
  • Get Help – the confidential DirectConnect service lets your employees initiate private and confidential conversations with clinicians and licensed specialists.  Ask a question. Get an answer. Set an appointment.

For Brokers:

  • Increase account penetration via a private-branded platform that provides a customizable suite of services that help your clients increase their productivity and profitability

For Affiliates and Introducers:

  • Increase revenue, confident in the knowledge that the platform is secure, the program is professionally managed, and the services meet real/documented needs in each company

For Partners:

  • Increase access – to companies and employees who are concerned about health and wellness.
  • Control – manage your virtual clinic, and present as many aligned services as you’d like
  • Increase appointments – respond to employee questions, and offer appointments as appropriate