Welcome to your Health Risk Assessment

I engage in moderate physical activity outside of work, for at least 20-30 minutes, 5 days per week.
My physical activity includes stretching, aerobic activity, and strength conditioning.
I use alternative modes of transportation whenever possible - such as stairs instead of elevator, biking or walking instead of driving, parking further away than usual, etc.
I take the health benefits of physical activities and their lasting impact seriously.
I enjoy sedentary, rather than physical activities.
I eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruit every day.
I eat at fast food restaurants less than 3 times per week.
I include foods that are high in fibre in my diet on a daily basis (eg whole grain breads, cereals, beans).
I maintain a healthy weight, within the recommendations specified by my physician.
I avoid eating foods that are high in fat, such as whole milk, fried foods, and processed meats.
I avoid tobacco and cannabis, and limit myself to 5 drinks of alcohol per week.
I examine my breasts or testes on a monthly basis.
I protect my skin from sun damage by using sun screen, wearing hats, and/or avoiding tanning booths and sunlamps.
I visit my dentist every 6-9 months for a regular checkup.
I see my physician for routine check-ups, health screenings, and disease prevention.
I wear a seatbelt when traveling in a vehicle.
I stay within 5 km/hr of the speed limit.
I know where to find, and how to use - a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher - at both work and home.
I use the recommended safety equipment for all activities that I participate in (eg: life jackets, helmets, knee pads, mouth guards, hard hats, goggles, steel toe boots)
I take the proper precautions to avoid or reduce workplace accidents.
I regularly recycle whatever I can.
I respect the integrity and property of my co-workers and the workplace.
I take the time to have meaningful conversations with family and friends.
I contribute time and/or resources to at least one organization that strives to make my community a better place to live.
I regularly engage-with, and interact with others.
My relationships are maintained in a manner which is healthy for me and for others.
I am able to develop close, personal relationships with others.
I have positive relationships with both men and women in my life.
I am a confident person.
I respect others for who they are, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
I express my feelings of anger and frustration in ways that are not hurtful to myself or others.
I set reasonable objectives for myself, and strive to accomplish them.
I realize when I make mistakes, and I understand the consequences that they have on myself and others.
I feel that I have family and friends that I can confide in to assist me in managing stress.
I take responsibility for my actions and understand the effects that they have on others.
I keep informed about social, political, and/or current events.
I seek opportunities to learn new things, through different mediums such as television, books, newspapers, internet, etc.
Before making decisions, I gather facts and consider all viable options.
I enjoy activities such as the arts, visiting museums, or attending plays or concerts.
I enjoy learning new information on a daily basis.
I enjoy my work.
I am satisfied with the balance between my work time and leisure time.
I am satisfied with my ability to manage and control my work load.
The level of stress in my work environment is manageable for me.
At work, my level of authority is consistent with my level of responsibility.
I feel that my life has purpose.
I am able to discuss my values and beliefsĀ  with my family and friends in a reasonable manner.
My actions are guided by my own beliefs, rather than the beliefs of others.
I spend a portion of every day in personal reflection.
I am tolerant of the values and beliefs of others.
I am able to manage my finances effectively.
I am confident that my retirement savings plan is on-target.
I am able to manage my finances without undue stress on me or my family.